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How can we help you?

How do I register?

1. Enter first name, last name, gender, e-mail

2. Enter password (minimum 8 characters, upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols)

3 .Enter Security Code (case-sensitive)

4. Click on Register – done


Further details in Profile

Additional information can be entered under "Edit" (top right of profile photo) in the profile.


Sport category can per drag and drop drawn from the right side to left.

In the search box above search for sport category start writing, the more letters are typed more accurate the selection is.

One or more profile photos can be uploaded and edited:

- Photo Crop

- Photo turning to the left (CCW)

- Photo turning to the right (CW)

Processing finish with clicking on the green tick symbol.

Click Save (right above profile photo) if all information is given.

The photos remain stored in the profile section and profile pictures can be selected with a mouse click.


Something does not work

Login does not work:

- e-mail address is spelled correctly?

- the password is spelled correctly (case-sensitive)?

Forgot your password:

  1. Enter E-mail address

  2. Enter E-mai address repeatedly

  3. Enter Security Code (case-sensitive)

  4. Click on Reset Password

  5. An e-mail with a code will be sent to the e-mail address

  6. Enter this code in the "Enter the code" field

  7. Enter then a new password (2x)



On Sportuso we offer a separate e-mail system that only works between the registered users .Therefore you do not need e-mail address in the conventional sense (xxxxxx@xxxx.xx).

Type in the "To" field the name of the recipient. When three letters are entered, the system displays the possible recipients, which can then be selected per mouse click.

The messages are then stored in the folders Outbox, Inbox, Unread.

The messages can be be sorted in descending or ascending order by clicking on the title bar.

When hovering over the title bar on to the right of each column appears a down arrow which you can show or hide columns.



New friends could be found by searching. In the search box above search for sport friend. Start writing, the more letters are typed more accurate the selection is.

New friends must first be requested and then must be confirmed by this friendship request. Only when a new friend is confirmed, full access to the personal data and on the whiteboard is granted.

Friends can be marked as a favorite (*) and again the favorite status can be deleted (-)

It can also create any number of clubs. ("Club" - "New club").The current friend can simply be dragged and drop from the friends list in the club list and with the symbol (x) is deleted.

Any number of friends can be stored in each club and each friend can be stored in several clubs.



Photos can be uploaded and organized in albums.

  1. Create an album

  2. Select Sport Category (not required)

  3. Enter the name of the album (required)

  4. Enter a location (not required)

  5. Enter further information (not required

  6. hare album with: all / friends / only me

  7. Click "Create Album"

  8. Upload Photos -> Upload .. click several photos will be uploaded simultaneously. (working not in IE)

    Add Photos

    Album edit (name, location, sports category, info)

    Deleting album (the album's photos will be erased from the server)

    It can be viewed enlarged individual photos in the gallery or played a slideshow

Each photo can also be used as a profile picture.()