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1 Introduction

By registering as a member of Sportuso you accept the following "Terms and Conditions for use of Sportuso" (hereinafter "GTC").

Sportuso operates under various top-level domains (, etc.) as well as under various sub-domains and aliases of these domains, the services of Sportuso. All Web sites which provides the services of Sportuso Sportuso be available, hereinafter referred to as "Sportuso".

These Conditions govern the contractual relationship between the member and Sportuso, regardless in which the website Sportuso the member registers or logs.

The member can these terms at any time, even after signing the contract, under the call of each of the sites accessible Sportuso link "Terms" print, download and save.

Sportuso reserves the right to change the Terms at any time. Amendments to these Terms will be given to the member by e-mail or other suitable means known and occur without the member's written objection within one month in power.

The terms and conditions will apply even if members of the online platform of Sportuso or areas of it from other websites from which provide access to Sportuso completely or partially.

If not mentioned specifically, the term "member" to all users of the online portal. Of course, the masculine includes the feminine form with one formulation. 

2. Declarations

2.1. Members

"Member" means any natural person who has registered to participate in Sportuso. 

2.3. User

"Users" are users of the platform that are not registered. 

2.4. Content

"Content" within the meaning of these terms and conditions are all provided by Sportuso content or content uploaded by a member on the platform and makes it available. Particular, this includes photos, text (including invitation texts, commentaries, etc.), graphics and other images, events (including event information) and personal data. 

3. Terms of Reference of Sportuso

3.1. Membership

The active use of the possibilities of Sportuso requires a successful registration of the user on the platform and the establishment of a members account. Each of users filed application for membership is valid for an indefinite period and is free.

A member can be deleted from the database and thus the termination of the contract at any time cause by telling it through the contact at info @ sportuso.

The member warrants that all by himself in the registration is true and complete. The member is obligated to notify its members of changes Sportuso data immediately. Sportuso reserves the right to refuse the registration of a member without giving any reason.

The member is a minor, comes from Sportuso the tacit consent of a legal representative. Sportuso disclaims any liability arising from problems of the activities of minors.

When registering, the member selects a password. He is obliged to take into account the recognized principles of data security, especially to keep passwords secret, and to immediately change or changes to be taken on Sportuso, if you suspect that unauthorized third parties have acquired knowledge. Sportuso will not disclose the password to any third party and ask the user for a password at any time. 

3.2. Prices

Membership is free. 

3.3. Extent of the power of Sportuso

The extent of the power of Sportuso results from the description on the online platform. Sportuso reserves the right to extend the services and make improvements to the current state of the art while respecting the legitimate interests of the member. Sportuso owes only the concern for the networking of members, but no success. 

4. Technical / Availability

4.1. Maintenance and technical support

The Member acknowledges that a 100% uptime can not be realized technically the Sportuso websites. Sportuso nonetheless endeavor to keep the Sportuso websites available without interruption. In particular, maintenance, security or capacity issues and events that are not in the power range from Sportuso (eg disruptions in public communication networks, power failures etc.) may result in brief malfunctions or temporary suspension of services on the Sportuso websites . For unplanned system outages Sportuso is trying to resolve this as quickly as possible. For inconvenience or damage to users or members due to maintenance or unplanned system outages Sportuso is not liable. 

5 Usage rights for the setting of content

5.1. Rights

Every member who ceases content on the platform, Sportuso transferable simple, spatially and temporally unlimited license grants in which an amount necessary to operate the service. In particular, the Member acknowledges Sportuso the right to discontinue or reduce content into the platform and make the necessary reproductions. Also recognizes the member Sportuso the right to edit the content for purposes of presentation, including short versions of texts, or small versions of photographs ("thumbnails") to create and present on the platform ("most active member", "new members ", etc.).

For granting the aforementioned rights, the member receives no compensation in cash or in services. As consideration for the granting of rights Sportuso the content presented on its website. The parties see this as fair compensation in return. 

6. Privacy Policy

6.1. Applicable data protection regulations

Personal data that arise in the context of the use of Sportuso services are treated under the relevant statutory data protection (German Data Protection Laws, European Data Protection Directives and any other applicable data protection legislation). 

6.2. Disclosure to third parties

Unless Sportuso to provide their services operated by third parties, is Sportuso entitled under applicable privacy statements, to transmit data when it is needed to safeguard the operation and is worth protecting interests of the member are not affected. 

7. Disclaimer

All content on the platform and the content of the messages generated by Sportuso in the form of messages or newsletters are prepared with great care and published. Sportuso assumes no liability if members suffer because of the information on the platform, in the newsletter or on the news of damage.

Each member is personally responsible for the content of profiles, or on his Sportuso spread messages, text messages. When abuse is Sportuso at any time to discontinue the service and become a member immediately and without notice terminate. 

8. Prohibited content

The member is advised that certain contents are illegal because they violate the law. Such content may not be created, stored introduced, circulated, sold, issued, sold, displayed, made ​​available or made ​​available.

Are inadmissible in particular Article 135, Article 197, Article 259, Article 261 of the Penal Code wayward content.

Sportuso forbidden its members to send using their services erotic content. Also prohibited are defamatory, deceptive, misleading, abusive, offensive, pornographic, racist or violent, threatening or unsettling content. In the case of abuse in the aforementioned areas, the member, in addition to pay for a possible lockout and cancellation of membership, a fine of CHF 5'000 .- to Sportuso.

Also obliged the member other people not to threaten, harass or the rights (including moral rights) to violate any third party; upload any data, the (infected software), a virus, or contain other material that is copyrighted, unless , a member of the rights thereto or the necessary approvals has, the service not to use it in a way that affects the availability of offers for other members adversely, to intercept any e-mails and also not to try to intercept it, e- to send messages to other members for no other purpose than the private communication and to refrain in particular, the promotion or offer goods or services to other members, to send chain letters, no messages, serve a commercial purpose to send.

Sportuso reserves the right to reject or delete the contents of the user without prior notice. Members and users are not entitled to the recruitment of contents or their whereabouts on the platform.

The member is advised that the Federal Law on prohibiting lotteries and Commercial Betting without permission. 

9. Send newsletters

Signing up for the newsletter automatically with the completion of registration and the activation of the appropriate accounts. The member has the opportunity to unsubscribe using the unsubscribe option newsletter. 

10th Penalties - cessation of the service

Sportuso is entitled to discontinue the service immediately and without notice of the member if the member's services seem to operate illegally or if the member does not hold in this contract to the terms and conditions laid down by them. This includes the deletion of content posted by the user and the blocking of access to the services of Sportuso websites.

Sportuso is not liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by the member from the cessation of the service. 

11. Emergence of the contract

By completing the registration process, the member is a quote from the conclusion of the agreement to use the services of Sportuso websites. Sportuso accepts this offer by activating the membership for the service of Sportuso websites. By this assumption, the contract between the user and Sportuso. 

12. Jurisdiction and applicable law

Jurisdiction is the extent legally permissible, the seat of Sportuso GmbH